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As we work tirelessly to develop easier and faster web solutions I thought it was time to bang on a bit about our latest dev. “Industry Standard Websites” is Small Business Web Design  mainly for small businesses and trades. The idea is to deliver small business websites with a high end look and great coding at much lower prices than “Bespoke Web Design”.

What’s the difference you may ask?

Well ‘bespoke’ work comes at a premium price and quite rightly too. A designer will work with the client to design something unique and deeply tailored to the customer’s branding and flow. By way of contrast “Industry Standard Websites” are part pre built and then adjusted to fit the customer’s business and are specifically set up for small business web design. There is less backwards and forwards decision making and they are thus put together much quicker. Unlike a ‘template’ or DIY website they don’t look ‘cheap’ and come with built in GDPR compliancy, SEO and a system of GEO Targeting SEO. In short they pack a punch without huge design and build costs and are perfect for small businesses and tradespeople.

Find your industry here:  https://industrystandardwebsites.co.uk/find-your-industry

Learn more about GDPR here: http://gdprcompliancy.info/product/gdpr-policy-full-installation

Our GDPR Policy pack is everything you need to show on your website that your business is GDPR Compliant.

The pack contains the necessary documentation for GDPR Compliancy and also a custom widget that can easily be added to your website to show you are adhering to GDPR Compliancy.

With this package, we will fully install the GDPR widget and necessary documentation to your website for you.

If you want a small business web design that has immediate impact, is simple to navigate, is up to date with GDPR and can be FOUND in many ways on top Google searches pertaining to your industry and trading area then get in touch with Joe on 01524 544 744