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Geo Targeted SEO

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Geo Targeted SEO 

Geo Targeted SEO (Search Engine Optimisation for local areas), or as we like to call it TargetPages™, will help you Get on Google. By understanding what key phrases to use and by correctly implementing them into your website we have a very good chance of getting your business FOUND on Google via Local SEO in many ways.

We have delved very deep into our SEO art and are very good at Geo targeting SEO and it is more than possible to Get FOUND on Page One of Google UK! After over 12 years developing expert SEO approaches and techniques we are clearly good at what we do and we have developed TargetPages™. We have dozens of independent Geo targeted SEO reviews that are a clear testament to our high success rate in local SEO services. If you take time to look at the reviews you will see that many of our clients testify to having ‘grown’ their businesses through using our SEO services.

This is how geo targeting SEO websites work!

Targeted SEO across your trading areas!

 A clean and easy to use website is of course very important and more than ever as the Internet continues to evolve, but are you getting your business website FOUND on Google searches? Perhaps you frustrated about your website not doing anything for your business?

To your right is a map of the UK. We deliver the best in GEO targeted SEO with our own in-house developed product called TargetPages™. We build hundreds of extra pages for our customers to ensure whatever they are searched for in ANY area in the UK they will get found via local SEO searches on page one of Google UK! This can work whether you trade within just a 5 mile radius of your front door or you are a national business. In some cases we can also target other English speaking countries such as the USA.

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Web design must have clear and simple impact yet look professional and get across in an instant what you are offering as a service. Once your Design is spot on then we must Optimise! You can have the best looking website design in the world but if it is not ‘discoverable’ via local SEO Google searches then it may well be pointless. It is also very important that your website has great Geo targeted SEO so that it can be FOUND on Google via ‘generic’ key phrases and with most trades via a ‘local search.

Hundreds of our customers  are enjoying the benefits of our incredible  TargetPages™. Why not join them?

For example if I lived in Salford and I needed a plumber I might type “Plumbers Salford”. Makes sense right? I would only search your business name if I knew your business name! Many people use local SEO search in their local areas for products and services. With TargetPages™ we create multiple pages that are optimised to appear when people look for a service local to them. If you have a trading area of 10 miles radius we can do it. If you cover a whole county or region we can do it! If you are national we can do it! We can even optimise internationally!

And this is what makes a website CONVERT! And Convert means enquiries that turn into business for you!

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We keep our customers on board with Geo target SEO for years on end with one of the most comprehensive Targeted SEO Services in the UK. Established now over 14 years ago we have developed our flagship SEO product TargetPages™.

You can check we are one of the top SEO/web design companies in the UK (ranked in the top 20 out of over 7000 web companies in the UK on freeindex.)

There are very few SEO companies who truly understand and get the SEO results we achieve. Many of our clients are success stories and we have nearly 40 independent reviews to back that claim on freeindex. Please click here to view our reviews.

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